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Google CTR Bot - Here's Why It Doesn't Work

Updated for 2020

You may have heard about people trying to manipulate Google Search CTR by using something called a Google Search Bot.  The idea behind this concept is that when someone searches for your keyword in Google they would go through the pages until they find your website listing.  Once found, they would then click on this listing and browse your site for a few minutes.

This process is known as Crowd Search SEO and it is an extremely hot topic right now in the SEO community.

There are a few solutions available which promise to be a Google Search Bot, but they all have these problems in common:

1. They require you to download, install, and configure their software.

2. None of these bots are actually using any real humans. They are typically using proxies to mask their IP address.

3. The problem with using proxies and VPNs is that it isn't hard for Google to identify a real human from a fake search.

4. The other problem is that you need these search visits to be natural and stay on your website for a few minutes while also browsing your site for other inner pages.

So What's the Solution?

You Need a system that does the following:

1. Uses Real Human Visitors from the USA, UK, & Canada

2. Does not require you to download anything.  Something that allows you to simply enter your URLs and target Keywords

3. Optimizes Your Settings based on keyword search volume and rank position - This ensures you receive the optimum # of searches each day to boost you higher in the SERPs.

4. Ensures that visitors browsing your site are there to stay for up to 7 minutes and that they are clicking internal links on your pages to consume other content as well. is the Google Bot Killer because it isn't a Bot at all!  It's an advanced system which leverages the power of crowd searching from real people to boost your Google Rank safely and effectively.

Read all about the features here: Features

  • q-iconWhat is a Google CTR Bot?

    CTR stands for Clickthrough Rate and this is the metric of # of clicks divided by # of impressions. A CTR Bot is therefore a method used to try and manipulate the # of clicks coming into a website from search results in order to increase SERP Search engine ranking position.

  • q-iconIs CTR A Ranking Factor In Organic Results?

    Google’s ultimate goal is to provide the best user experience possible. This means that a properly matched search query will result in the best results for the user to see and click on. When CTR increases (along with dwell time) it signifies to Google (and other search engines) that the resulting website found was a great match for the search query from which it originated. This is the main reason why CTR helps rank websites higher as long as the traffic comes from real human visitors such as CrowdSearch.