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Location, Location, Location

In real estate, we often hear this phrase, ad nauseam, but why? Location has the direct benefit of foot traffic, built-in-demand and customers. The internet, is mimicking the real world, where website traffic is now the new standard for virtual real estate, but how do you get real people to view your webpages, products, and services?

Hey Mom, Can You View My Webpage?

Rather than asking your mother, aunt, and cousin to view your new website, and annoying everyone at the family picnic, a scalable solution needed to be available. While Google Adwords and Facebook Paid campaigns work very well, they often leave startups on the sidelines due to lack of budget, and less data than competitors to know what traffic is quality, and which is not converting.

Daniel Anton – Combines AI Software, Hardware and Humans

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(Daniel Anton, CEO, “Crowd Search” SEO Software)

This is the birth of Crowd Search. Daniel Anton leveraged his background in computer science to help create an ecosystem where every person with a cell phone could become part of a network. Some would simply bundle and install the software through other applications, surfing the web, much like Stumbleupon, while others wanted to earn money for viewing websites on their phones. By combining cell phones, software, and humans, Daniel Anton has revolutionized the way on-demand traffic is throttled, focused, and consistent, 3 factors which remained elusive when attempting this manually or on a larger scale without software.

Unlike bot networks, or offshore click farms, Crowd Search would rely on users living primarily in America and Canada (highest valued organic traffic), who optin voluntarily into the network. Other fake or referral spam traffic often leaves very high bounce rates, and extremely high Click Through Rates (CTRs), but very low dwell time (time spent on page/website), a clear signal the traffic was pure manipulation.

The traffic flow also allows webmasters to analyze web traffic patterns and easily discern where strong and weak points (where users leave their website) appear, and fix the solution through best Onpage practices, whether improved content, or better Calls to Action (CTAs).
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