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Question: How To Rank Higher on Amazon?

Answer: User Metrics

What are user metrics?

SEO has typically been reserved to focus on Google, Yahoo and Bing, but Amazon has amassed a large eco-system over the years. In fact, Google said Amazon is its biggest rival in search.


One of the best strategies for ranking Amazon products in Google and within Amazon is by driving quality traffic.


Specifically Search Traffic *Using Your Keywords* From within Amazon itself and also from Google to Amazon.

So How Does It Work?

  • Amazon Wants Traffic on Its Website!
  • And They Reward Your Rankings If You Bring It!
  • = Higher Rankings for Your Amazon Product
  • = More Sales and Money In Your Pocket

So How Can You Capitalize On This Knowledge?


This system has been reserved for just the major search engines of Google, Bing, & Yahoo...

Until Now!

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You Rank Higher In Amazon With These 3 Steps

  • 1

    We incentivise thousands of people to search for your product's keywords and find your listing.

    We have amassed the largest crowd searching platform on the planet.

  • 2

    These searchers browse your product page, read reviews, and much more...

    We make sure the interactions are 100% natural. Some of the actions which will take place on your product page are listed below.

  • 3

    You Watch Your Keyword Rank (Amazon Internal & Google) Climb

    The more traffic we pump to your products using this method, the higher you rank. And higher rankings = more sales and profits for you!

Lets Take a Look At How This Works...

User Metrics – Does the searcher click on the result, and do they stay on the page? This is a huge indicator to Google and Amazon that the product listing is valuable. If a searcher doesn’t click, then Amazon & Google know the headline/title is either irrelevant or boring and starts to show it less and less. Worse, if the result is getting clicked but the product page looks terrible, the searcher may hit the back button and “bounce” right back to the search results.  This is very bad for you for your rankings.


Here are just some of the user activities CrowdSearch will provide

  • Direct Traffic to the Main Amazon URL and Shortened URL versions - Some Super URLs mixed in
  • Amazon search traffic from the main home page and department category pages
  • Search traffic originating from engines such as Google, Bing, & Yahoo
  • Social Traffic -we provide a social signal and then send traffic to click that URL to visit your Amazon Product *POWERFUL*
  • Natural scrolling, reading, clicking
  • Reading product reviews, questions and answers
  • Watching video reviews
  • Viewing different product images
  • Adding item to wishlist, cart, saving for later, and viewing cart
  • Viewing product vendor's other products
  • Viewing competitor's products and leaving within 5 seconds back to your product page
  • Selecting product variations such as different colors (if available)
  • and many more random factors...

After just 10 days of using crowd search, my ranking went from 47 to 21, and has been climbing consistently ever since.

If you’re an SEO expert or just want your sites and pages to rank higher for your keywords, you owe it to the success of your business to get CrowdSearch.

If you’ve been keeping track of what’s going on in the SEO world today, you know that click-thru-rate is the #1 ranking signal search engines are using today to rank your website…

If you want to rank high nowadays in the search engines, you must give CrowdSearch a try, you can’t rank well without it anymore.

David P.
Entrepreneur and SEO Marketer

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconDo I Need Any Technical Knowledge?

    Not at all. This is a cloud based Web Application on our Servers.  We integrated everything into an easy to use dashboard where all you need to do is enter the Website URL and the Keyword you want to rank higher.

  • q-iconIs This Safe?

    Absolutely! These are real people conducting actual searches in order to find your website and then click the search listing.  This is the equivalent of you being able to call up thousands of people on the phone and ask them to please do a search for a keyword, look through the pages until they found your product, click on it, and then browse it for a few minutes.