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Question: How To Rank Higher on Amazon?

Answer: User Metrics via CrowdSearch

Here is an actual case study and example of how to rank an Amazon product within Google, as well as internally. Once you tend to rank in Google, more traffic and sales create a snowball effect where you eventually dominate within Amazon as well. Two ecosystems for the price of one!

SEO has typically been reserved to focus on Google, Yahoo and Bing, but Amazon has amassed a large eco-system over the years. In fact, Google said Amazon is its biggest rival in search.


One of the best strategies for ranking Amazon products in Google and within Amazon itself is by driving quality traffic.

  • Amazon Wants Traffic on Their Website!
  • And They Reward Your Rankings If You Bring It!


Notice this Amazon listing is on page 1 of Google currently. Granted, it’s not #1, but it certainly enjoys at least some buyer traffic each day from this ranking.

The Important Onpage SEO Factors are highlighted including the Title of the Product, description, star rating, # of reviews, and Questions and answers. Google Ranks this ahead of ALL other Organic Coffee products (more on that later), but let’s see how Amazon internally ranks for Organic Coffee.

The Organic Coffe listing in Google is not the same top one within Amazon. There is an Organic Coffee listing with the same star rating, 200 reviews more, ships with Amazon Prime, and is $10 cheaper. Amazon knows all these factors and decides to rank in internally (and rightfully so, it’s better in every metric), but Google continues to rank the other more expensive, less reviewed product. Why is that? It goes back to Google’s search engine algorithm. Google wants to show the most relevant, popular and quality user-experience result. It does this through 3 basic factors (outside of onpage search engine optimization)

1) Backlinks – Bloggers, Forums, Directories, Affiliates, etc. Anyone and everyone linking back to an Amazon page can be seen as a “vote” for this particular product

2) Social network signals – Are people sharing this Amazon product with friends and family? Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, Google+, Stumbleupon, Linkedin, etc

3) User Metrics – Does the searcher click on the result, and do they stay on the page? This is a huge indicator to Google that the Amazon product listing is valuable. If a searcher doesn’t click, Google knows the headline/title is either irrelevant or boring and starts to show it less and less. Worse, if the result is getting clicked but the product page looks terrible, the searcher may hit the back button and “bounce” right back to Google.

Let’s analyze why this product listing is ranking in Google and not the others

Notice the Domain Authority, 88! Amazon is so highly trusted by Google, that it’s inner pages (product pages) also get the benefit of the doubt. This means you can build more backlinks to your products and social and have a greater impact than if you built your own website and tried to compete. That is the beauty of Amazon SEO, you play within the ecosystem and dominate. Backlinks + Social + User Metrics = your Amazon product will outrank the competition in Google, which in the long run will allow you to rank internally in Amazon.

Sampling of some links: (find on page, “coffee” it’s the first one) (ecommerce “faker” just redirecting to the product page) (appears to be a paid post, using “organic coffee” as the anchor)


The difference between the listings appears to be a shorter/better title (other one is very long), the quality and amount of backlinks, the diversity of social, and a quality user experience.

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